1. I believe Capt. Hall was the wingman to my grandfather Lt. Joseph Richlitsky. On April 29th of 1945 both of these gentlemen shot down a ME 262 in combat.

    • Hello Joe! Thank you for visiting the page and sending your comment. Your contribution is what keeps their history alive.

      I would like to know more about your grandfather’s claim as well as his service. The squadron records in 1945 are not as specific as they were in 1944 and I cannot find reference to the claim. I have one document sent to me by John Usiatynski who flew with your grandfather. That is a list of plane assignments showing Richlitsky assigned to “B Flight” and Hall as an Element leader in “C Flight”. In June (after the war), Hall remains as an Element Leader in “C Flight” but Richlitsky is assigned as a wingman in “D Flight”. I would imagine Flights and mission assignments got mixed up, but there is no reference in the Squadron records that I have found to April 29 victory claims for these two pilots or that they flew missions together – mainly because of the lack of details in the reports.

      It would be nice to add to and “correct” the records if you have some documents or log book pointing to the claim.

      Please reach out when you have more questions or find evidence and I will add them to his biography and the mission reports on the website. If you come across any photos and would like to share, those would be invaluable to the history as well.

      Have a great weekend!


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